May 2018 - Utilizing and Enforcing Electronic Signatures


March 2018 - Contractors, New Law Regarding Private Works Contracts

January 2015 - Contractors / Employers / Business Owners, A Few Reminders As We Begin 2015

July 2014 - Leasehold Improvements Notice of Non-Responsibility - Shield or Not?

March 2014 - Protect Your Business With A Few Key Contract Terms

Construction Management Update

February 2013- Current State of Indemnity in California Construction Contracts

November 2012 – Why You Should Have Your Construction Contract Reviewed.

Referral Fees In Connection With Construction Projects

February 2012 - Sweeping Changes to Mechanic's Lien Laws

January 2012 - Legislative Update : 2012 Construction Law Changes

October 2011 - Legislative Update : Construction Law Retention and Indemnity Changes

What All Contractors Need to Know About The Coming Changes to Mechanic's Lien Law In 2011.

Labor & Employment

April 30, 2018 - Beware the New Test: The ABCs of Independent Contractors 

October 2015 - California Employers: New Law Forces Employers to Defend Compensation Policies 

April 2012 – Employers Need Not Police Employee Meal Breaks 

January 2012 - New Law Imposes Severe Penalties For Employee Misclassification as Independent Contractors

February 2011 - Employment Law Update ( New Paid Leave Requirements; Meal Period Rules; Company Vehicles )

Ensure Compliance Now To Prevent Litigation Later

New I-9 Form

Give 'em a Break: Why Employers Must Reassess Meal and Rest Period Policies Following Murphy v. Kenneth Cole

Business and Corporate Law

California Court Turns California Dissolution Statute On Its Head

Protecting Customer Lists - Why Have Confidentiality Agreements With Employees?

Civil Litigation

CCP §998 Offer:  A Settlement Offer with Strings Attached

From Your Inbox to the Jurybox: Today's Email Could Become Tomorrow's Litigation Nightmare

Estate Planning, Trust & Probate

Why Everyone Should Have An Estate Plan

Estate Planning – Frequently Asked Questions

2014 Estate Plan Update—Introduction to Portability

Tax Free Gifts to Children & the Crummey Trust

How to Make Tax Free Gifts to Children

How to Gift A Residence/The Qualified Personal Residence Trust

The 2010 Tax Act & Estate Planning

How to Hold Title to Real Property

The Life Insurance Trust

Limited Liability Company – Cutting Edge Estate Planning

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Selling Assets to a Defective Grantor Trust

ADA Compliance

Beware: ADA Accessibility Disclosures Now Required in Commercial Leases

September 2012 - Is Your Business Compliant with Accessibility Law? 


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